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ROR (Resources of a Resource) - developed initially to describe website information for the search engines becomes a "rapidly growing independent XML format for describing any object of web content in a generic fashion, so any search engine can better understand that content. The is the official ROR website.". The main concept promoted by ROR is those of "structured feeds" that enables describing resources with complementary text given as structured information helping search engines to better understand meaning. The form that follows is provided in a frame by and for that reason the page have not an accessibility certificate (this form do not validate as WCAG 1.0 Priority 1 because of usage of iframe tag). For the same reason the design do not uses a logical order of objects: the Format appears after the command button Generate Sitemap! for generating even required before starting that operation (does no matter it has a default value). Excuse me for that inconveniencies!, I choose to show you this generator.
This page is my solution to make pass a page enforced to contain an iframe tag the automated accessibility tests. If the server call fails the form is initialized; You can check that at ...(site is disappearing from net). See the example in source where is preserved as a comment.


If you use HTML 4.01 document format do not forget to eliminate, before posting this tag, the '/' character from ...href="ror.xml" /> to avoid validation error.

To select and copy the frame content double click somewhere in the wanted area and then select Edit, Copy command (or Ctrl+C onto the keyboard). Do not send this sitemap to Google as a Google sitemap. It is not!

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